As an artist, I will always consider my imagination my most valuable gift. Learning to communicate, visually and verbally, what's in the mind is the pursuit of a lifetime and beyond. If you're thinking about hiring me for design work, please look through my design section thoroughly. Thank you for visiting and please have fun browsing the website.__Sincerely, Wyatt S. Miles
I love doing animation, especially when there are fun characters involved. I specialize in Flash Animation. Whether you're starting from scratch or you have your script, designs and storyboards all ready, I can help you bring your project to life. I welcome any inquiries for animation work. If it's not a job for me, I'll do my best to help point you in the best direction.
Behind all moving animation is a message. Sure, amazing effects and engaging characters are important tools for catching our eyes and holding our attention, but at the core of all memorable animation is a story that made us feel something and impacted our lives. My goal is to tell fun and lively stories with characters that have lots of personality and heart.